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April 2, 2005


3north Natural Stone Products take on the billion dollar fake stone market

3north Natural Stone Products recently emerged from the dust of the booming construction market in the Southwestern United States. Based in northern Arizona, this unique company grew out of the efforts of motivated investors and industry professionals who knew they could improve on what the artificial stone companies were doing. After a year of strategic planning and investing, 3north replaced it’s predecessor (Real Stone,) as an exciting new brand. The 250 employee, 12 acre manufacturing facility is the largest natural stone cladding operation in the U.S. A comprehensive marketing and sales strategy was developed to offer customers a complete resource for premium stone applications at a practical price. Continuing investments and strategic long term planning will help grow 3north into the benchmark for architectural veneers.

3north’s products offer the beauty and durability of natural stone, while still being installed as a non-structural veneer. Due to the precise cuts and tooling of the natural stone, installation is actually simpler than artificial stone veneers. In addition, waste is limited and the performance of the natural stone is far superior to other products that consistently have color, texture and durability issues.

Where other natural stone veneer companies have failed to gain wide acceptance, 3north has developed a comprehensive product offering and marketing initiative that appeals to a wider range of customers. “We have the luxury of seeing what has been successful and what hasn’t, in terms of marketing strategy,” explains Drew Bauer, the Director of Sales and Marketing. “Starting from scratch has allowed us to develop policies that make us easy to work with and flexible enough to quickly respond to our customer’s needs. Currently being distributed in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico, the limited service area allows us to offer unsurpassed customer responsiveness. We have recruited the best distributors in the industry and are dealing directly with the architectural community to develop specifications and create custom products as needed. We want to be known as the highest quality alternative, and the easiest company to work with.”

The 2005 PCBC Show in San Francisco will be the coming out party for 3north. As the only natural stone cladding company at the show, we expect to make a big splash with our displays and our live event should get the hall buzzing. Visit 3north natural stone products at PCBC Booth #641.